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Types of paper

Original Research Papers

Original full-length research papers which have not been published previously and should not exceed 6,000 words.

Review Articles

Review articles in the areas of Biological Science should normally focus on literature published over the previous three years, and text should not exceed 10,000 words. This section is not intended to be a forum for the presentation of new data or meta-analyses. Please contact the managing editors before writing a review article for the journal (enquiry @

Short Communications

Short communications of up to 3000 words, describing work that may be of a preliminary nature but novel findings which needs immediate publication.

No Publication Charges

No publication charge on articles submitted to JCTMB. Full-text of all articles published in JCTMB is available online (, worldwide, free of charge, immediately on publication. Readers can view, download, print, and redistribute any article without a subscription, enabling a much greater distribution of an author's work. This translates into increasing the impact of the authors published work. JCTMB is non-profit organization of scientists committed to making the world's scientific literature a freely available public resource.


The manuscript should contain a statement that the work has been approved by the appropriate ethical committees related to the institution(s) in which it was performed and that subjects gave informed consent to the work.  Studies involving experiments with animals must state that their care was in accordance with institution's or national research council's guidelines for, or any national law on the care and use of laboratory animals. Animal experimental procedures should be as human as possible and the details of anesthetics and analgesics used should be clearly stated in materials and methods section.  Evidence for approval by a local Ethics Committee (for both human as well as animal studies) must be supplied by the authors on demand.

Conflict of Interest

Authors are requested to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest including any financial, personal or other relationships with other people or organizations within five years of beginning the submitted work that could inappropriately influence their work.

Submission Declaration

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published previously nor consideration for publication elsewhere and also implies that approved by all authors and tacitly or explicitly by the responsible authorities where the work was carried out. The managing editor and the editorial staff have the right to make revisions aimed at greater conciseness, clarity, and conformity with journal style.

Changes in authorship

The addition, deletion, or rearrangement of author names in the authorship for an accepted manuscripts:
Before the accepted manuscript is published in an online issue: Requests to add or remove an author, or to rearrange the author names, must be sent to the managing editors ( only from the corresponding author of the accepted manuscript which includes: Reason for the name should be added or removed, or the author names be rearranged and written confirmation e-mail letter from all authors that they agree with the addition, removal or rearrangement. Note that publication of the accepted manuscript in an online issue is suspended until authorship has been agreed by all authors. Author requests will not be considered if any requests to add, delete, or rearrange authors names in an article once published in an online issue.


Authors are required to submit, with the manuscript, the names, addresses and e-mail ID of minimum two potential referees. Editor retains the sole right to decide whether or not the suggested reviewers are used to review the manuscript.

Manuscript Preparation

Preferred File Format, Font and Font size

Manuscripts are preferred in Microsoft Word format (.doc files).

Prepare the manuscript in Times New Roman font using a font size of 12.

All section titles (including title) in the manuscript shall be in font size 12, bold in Sentence Case.

Subtitles in each section shall be in font size 12, in Sentence Case without bold.

Manuscript should be arranged in the following order before submission: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion (or) Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, References, tables and figures (note: in a page only one table / figure).

Title Page

A title page should contain the following details

The title should be informative and as brief as possible

Manuscript title appear bold in Sentence Case

Each authors are required to provide their full name followed by their address in lower case. The Corresponding Author of the manuscript must be marked with an asterisk and in addition the corresponding author must include complete postal address, contact & fax numbers and E-mail ID at the end of the title page. If any co-author is from different institution, his / her address should be mentioned and indicated using numbers followed by their names.


On a separate page, immediately following the title page, state briefly formulate the problem that has been investigated, the solutions derived, the results that have been achieved, and conclusions to state how this study move forward, implications and future directions. References and also, un-common abbreviations should be avoided in this section. Overall the abstract should not exceed 200 words.


The introduction should formulate the problem that author want to address, to supply sufficient background information to allow the reader to understand and evaluate the results of the present study without referring to previous publications on the topic. The introduction should also provide the justification for the present study.

Materials and Methods

The procedure adopted should be described in sufficient details to allow the experiment to be interpreted and repeated by the readers, if they desired. The number of subjects, groups, the study design, sources of drugs with dosage regimen, instruments used, and ethical aspects, data collection procedure must be mentioned under this section. Statistical analysis should be provided, including the names of the statistical tests and whether tests were one (or) two tailed. Standard deviations, rather than standard errors of the mean, are required. Statistical tests that are not well-known should be referenced.


Authors are required to present the results as concisely as possible in the followings: text, table(s), or figure(s). Avoid extensive use of graphs to present data.  Limit photographs, particularly photomicrographs and electron micrographs, to those that are absolutely necessary to show the experimental findings. The journal does not publish tables (or) figures that have been submitted elsewhere or previously published. List of tables should be numbered with numerals (1, 2, 3...) and list of figures should be numbered with Upper case Roman numerals (I, II, III…). Authors should make sure to cite all figures and tables in the running text.


Follow internationally accepted rules and conventions: use the international system of units (SI). If other units are mentioned, please give their equivalent in SI.


The Discussion section should provide an interpretation of the results in relation to previously published works and should not contain extensive repetition of the Results section or reiteration of the Introduction. In short communications, the Results and Discussion sections may be combined.


Conclusion required appearing at the end of discussion section stating whether the initial goals were reached and which not, mentioning the strong and weak points in the study and also point out the issues recommended for future research.


Acknowledgments of financial and personal assistance if any are to be given in a separate paragraph as briefly as possible in this section.


References are numbered and listed by their order of appearance in text; the text citation is followed by the appropriate reference number in square parentheses ([1] or [1&2] or [1-3]…).
Type references in the Vancouver style as shown below. List of all authors (do not use “et al.)” journal name should be written fully (no Abbreviations of journal names).

1. Manzi P, Gambelli L, Marconi S, Vivanti V, Pizzoferrato L. 1999. Nutrients in edible mushrooms: an interspecies comparative study. Food Chemistry 65: 477-482.

2. Halliwell B, Gutteridge JMC. 1989. Free radicals in biology and medicine 2nd Ed, Oxford: Clarendon Press. pp. 136-158.

Submission of Revised Manuscripts

While submitting a revised manuscript, authors are requested to include a point by point response to reviewer's comments at the end of the revised manuscript text file itself. In addition, if any changes are made to the manuscript, please mark the changes as differently colored text in the article.

Copyright Assignment Form to be Submitted after Acceptance and Before Publishing

Copyright Assignment Form which includes (‘Form’ Click to download)
I:          Truth and Originality of Manuscript
II:        Open Access Agreement 
III:       Authors and Publishers Rights
IV:       Permission to Reproduce Published Material
V:        Consent to Publish
VI:       Conflict of Interest

Please note: Filled and signed scan copy of copyright assignment form submitted to the following id -

Page Proofs

Upon acceptance the editor sends page proof to the corresponding author. The page proofs that are corrected by the corresponding author should be mailed back to the editors within 48 hours. Authors who will be away from their offices for a long period or who change e-mail address after notification of acceptance should inform the journal immediately ( In the page proof stage is not the time to make extensive corrections, additions, or deletions. Any new important information or references of unpublished data that have become available between acceptance of the manuscript and receipt of the proofs may be inserted only with the permission of the editors. Otherwise, changes are limited to correction of spelling errors, incorrect data, and grammatical errors and updated information for references.

Submission Check List

Cover letter  

Name, email-id, contact phone number of two potential referees

Manuscript (in the following order)
Title page
Materials and Methods
Discussion (or)

Result and Discussion

Acknowledgement (if any)
Tables and Figures

Author Instructions- Click to download 

Submission of Manuscript

Authors are requested to submit their manuscript to the following Mail ID submission@